About - Studio 74
Thanasis Rapsomanikis

What we do

Studio 74 in Corfu by award-winning photographer Thanasis Rapsomanikis undertakes wedding and christening photography as well as video coverage.
Thanasis, on his journey as a professional photographer immortalizes every kind of special moment, whether it is a wedding, a baptism, or any other event.
His primary goal in every photoshoot is to capture the emotions of the moment and to imprint through unique images the magic of the atmosphere of your special day.


Our philosophy

Studio 74’s philosophy is based on the creation of high quality photographs with respect of the personal preferences of every client but always through original and off the beaten path suggestions. Our final goal is to create unique memories of the most important events of your life, memories that will forever accompany you vividly.



Thanasis Rapsomanikis was born in Corfu in 1974. He studied in Focus College in Athens and when he returned to Corfu, he made his great dream come true, by creating his own photoshooting studio. Up until now he has undertaken a variety of photoshoots including weddings, baptisms and special occasions along with professional photoshoots for luxury residences. In the same time he constantly enriches his skills by participating in wedding related workshops and seminars.


Photography has a primary role in his life, it is – by his saying – the best way to capture the real world.

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